Titlis Rundtour 1 day in Engelberg



The Titlis Rundtour is a 1-2 days mountain adventure, depending if you would like to stay one night in the bivouac and have more time for ski touring and amazing freeride-turns.

Yesterday I did Titlis Rundtour for the first time with two friends. As I´ve got a lot of question about the tour I will give you a short description of it from my point of view. But most of all, will I share our day by posting photos that Jesper took. This time I totally forgot my phone and camera and just went all-in to our little ski and mountain-adventure in Engelberg.

So nice to just feel the mountains and the energy that surrounded us.

Tobias Granath, a Swedish mountain guide in Engelberg, have actually written a detailed description of the tour in 2015. Which one I red a couple of times before we went. Read more here. >>

”The knife”.


From last part of the the airy ridge to enter the Titlis Rundtour.


07.00 There´s a chance to go early in the morning when you go for the Titlis Rundtour. Just remember to book a seat in the first gondola from Titlis Bottom Station a few days before to make sure you get a place.

Otherwise take the first gondola, Titlis X-press, at 8.30.

The reason why you wanna you go early in the morning is because this is a popular route and you might have to wait for other groups when it´s time for the abseiling-part. Especially in the weekends.

8.30 The tour starts immediately from top Klein Titlis 3062m. At first you ski down Steinberg gletcher and then take left to Hinters Titlisjoch 2695m. From here you put on your crampons and put your skis on the back pack. It´s time to go on a airy ridge. About 5 minutes walk later you´ll reach the first anchor point and it´s time to abseil the first colouir. I found it wisely to use my ice axe here. 

Depending on snow condition you can ski more or less in the corridor, but still, it will be steep skiing.

We brought a 60 meters rope. Which is good, I think. My conclusion was tho that it´s easier if you have the possibility to attach two rope and go for a longer abseil right on start. So next time, I would bring two ropes – if the snow condition would be as it was yesterday.


First corridor.


Jesper abseiling from the entrance of the first corridor.


Abseiling in one of the corridor at Titlis Rundtour.


After abseiling the first part you ski down to the next corridor. You can ski the first part of the second corridor to the anchor point. But from here I would say it´s a good ide to use rope and abseil two times.

After the last repelling you ski all the way down to 2100m, and now it´s time to put on the skins. Almost 700m ski touring is waiting. The first part is steep. Remember to bring you ski crampons in case of icy terrain. When you climbed the first steep 200m of ski touring a longer and less steep, but also a really beautiful ski touring, is waiting ahead round the Titlis-peak.

You´ll go all the way up to Bivak am Grassen 2747m. At this point it´s probably time for lunch break surrounded by the beautify.

Graceful views of the Titlis-peak and mountains beside.


From here you ski down on the North side with most of the time good snow. I was surprise over the wide area of freeride-skiing.

When we reached this amazing field of skiing I felt that I will do the Titlis Rundtour many more times. The route-finding down to Fürenalp-valley is not hard if you are familiar with the area and double check the map. The Fürenalp-valley is one of my favorite to hike in Engelberg. I just love this part of the valley! 

Lower down the valley we had one last traverse over the glacier stream. At that time we had to take of our skis and walk over the stones. The last part in spring conditions was so fascinating and almost like a fairytale. Arriving at the road, walking back to Fürenalp lift station, was a fabulous! Walking away from massive peaks covered in snow, sun was shining everywhere, birds singing and flowers of spring covered the roadsides as we went down the valley.

All of us, happy and exhausted (at least I was) after a long day out in the mountains, we said it totally looked as the most romantic post card.

Namasté mountains, Engelberg, Jesper and Lasse for a new great mountain adventure and experience. I love when magical things happen. Yesterday was a magic day.

With love and light mountain spirit,


Do you wanna do the Titlis Rundtour with me and likeminded? You can still book a 1-2 day with me and a local mountain guide in Engelberg. 


Down the valley to Fürenalp bus station.


Jesper infront of Engelbergtal.


A bit steep skiing from one of the abseil.


Point where you go down the second corridor.


High spirit-team.


Ski touring Titlis Rundtour.


Less snow in the last part of the tour.


Walk over the glacier stream. Nature is rad!


Tack Jesper (för alla bilder) och Lasse för en fin och lång dag tillsammans i bergen!

Ice climbing in Kandersteg opened my eyes

Entered a new world of climbing in Kandersteg


As more and more of my followers in social media don´t speak Swedish I will write the next blog post in English. Social media as a platform is a channel where I can share my adventures, passion to explore the mountains, my beloved skiing and ski teaching and the adventure of being a female entrepreneur in the outdoor industry (Systrar i bergen AB). What I have seen is that I inspire others to follow their dreams and to that cause I try to write blog posts each and then to reach out.

Foto: Linnéa Henriks

I´m now home in Engelberg after two days well spent on ice. I don´t see myself as a competitive person, unless I attend a competition. Than I sure am a competitive person. But when I´m out in the mountains, I never compete.

As an entrepreneur, one of my strongest ”skill” is that I BRING IDEAS and DREAMS INTO LIFE. I never just talk about what I would like to do, I act. Always. Acting for me is about making plans to reach your goal, creating space to get time and sometimes even money and try to connect to people that can help me/you to get where I/you want.

Back to ice climbing. Early in the winter season I made a promised to myself, that I would go ice climbing at least once. Next winter I want to feel prepared to lead in ice climbing.

Pretty much close to the end of the ice climbing-season 18/19 I finally got the pieces together. Almost unbelievable. Because since november/december I did not only pay a spot into a ice climbing-course that where cancelled in Engelberg, searched for instructors in whole Sweden (and made contact with the all few 5 ice-instructors there are) and as the last piece that made it never happened – i worked every day in 6 weeks.

So, a week ago I made space in my calendar hoping that Martin, a mountain guide and friend from Chamonix, would like to join me for two days in Kandersteg, Switzerland. Which he did, and thanks to him I learnt a lot during our two days together. I improved from a newly beginner to a ”not-beginner” on ice.

One of the ice fall we climbed.


First point of one of the multi-pitches.


Premiere ice climbing.


It feels like I already been ice climbing before. Maybe, I finally get a little reward after all those hours I spent at the climbing gym in Stockholm during my work-trips. That reward tho, feels so damn good!

During my ice climb it felt like I got fast into the technique. But the most evolving part was that I step into my mental strength in a new level while being out in the exposed terrain.

Hanging vertical with crampons and two ice axes over 100 meter from the ground trying to pull out the next ice screw I started to question myself. Or my fear of heights did.

I tried to not loose my grip when my ”monkey-mind” went madly and told me that I was not good enough, that I should be afraid of the ice I didn´t know that well, that I was on a higher point from the first climbing pitch and fuck it´s so steep and what if my ice axes grip not holding, what if I fall and what about that I used to be frightened about heights… In one point I chose to go towards my negative thoughts. I started to breath calming, talking loudly to myself, encouraging that I sure could do this. So wisely I put positive energy back into my flow of climbing. Paus. Breathing. Slowly, with a even stronger focused I started to climb again. And suddenly I didn´t find it that hard anymore. I felt stronger and more relaxed to the situation. I overcome my fear and started to trust in myself again.

Climbing is the most mental challenging game I ever done. But when you start to change you mindset every time you feel stress and insecurity running over you – than I promise you that you CAN achieve whatever you want. You can always chose your thoughts.

I feel so humble each time I improve and develop a new insight, skill or technical movement in the mountains. I am forever grateful that I have this life and I love to live it to the fullest – in my next chapter of life I want to keep share my mountain passion with you! And that is why I want to become a mountain guide.


Fulfilled and happy!


Martin walking between the ice falls.


Each day was celebrated by a Swedish ”fika”.

Free spirit climbing Mallorca and reflection from the past year



Usually I write every blog post in Swedish but this time I decided to share my inspiration to everyone and than an English version is to prefer. First of all, THANK YOU for following my journey. I do hope it inspires you to believe in your most precious dreams and desire. Life is beautiful and so are you!

Right now there´s a few hours before I enter the next flight to Stockholm from Palma airport. I feel beyond grateful for this journey and that I managed to reach one of my biggest inner goal during summer season. But first – let me share this story with you. With love.


Åre is with me wherever I travel (the cap). I might get one signed by Engelberg as well now? <3


Approach from climbing in Calvia.
On belay.


I started to climb a few years ago. Just to keep my mind busy while waiting for the snow and winter season. Always dreaming of skiing.
Climbing is a way to practice movements, balance and focus. All 3 important keys when skiing (see Episod 2 of #passionateskier when I tell you exactly that).


Due a ski accident May 2017 I broke my inner knee and summers -18 scheduling to learn more about rock climbing and alpine climbing went on hold. Instead I made a tremendous work of hours with rehab during 8-9 month. All those hours I spent at the gym, my yoga-math and training mental strength just to be able to ski the next winter season 17/18. Therefor summer 2017 was going to be special. Finally I would do all those things that I was aiming for. Learning how to climb and hopefully becoming a instructor so I soon enough would be able to bring people to this amazing nature. But, instead of just searching for likeminded friends to climb with and to improve my knowledge about climbing I had to start over once again… In april 2018 I was in a really bad  ski accident. Most of you don´t know what really happened, and I understand why. No one could tell what really happened when they saw me days after – because I didn´t break any legs this time. Instead I broke my trust to people in the mountains and I was more frightened than ever. I was battle a death agony. From a long, steep and icy fall.

So what really matters for me (besides LIFE) is that I was brave enough to still concquer and to believe that I CAN. A few days after the accident I went back standing on my skis. Still with a light brain concussion – but that was an important step for me. Just to feel the snow and the skiing was all I needed. Than I knew. I knew skiing is part of what I gonna do the rest of my life. The mountains is now within my heart and soul.

Having a bad accident can cost you a lot of mental pain. And this is the link to my climbing. Some of you know that I started to climb a few years ago to overcome my freights of heights. But at this moment I had to overcome new fears. Start over again.

Early this season I did that. I decided to train myself within climbing as a number one activity in the mountains. There was still a main problem. I didn´t have that many friends to either practice or climb together with. So I  took every chance I got, always with one significant rule – always feel trust with the person you climb with. 

It´s not easy to find people or likeminded friends. You need to be opened, social, put yourself into situation where you get in touch with people etc. Today I´m happy to tell that I´ve made a lot of new likeminded friends during the summer. Not always easy, but in time I got there.

Wrapping up ”climbing season” (haha, love that word – not summer season anymore) at Mallorca was the best best decision ever. Best in that way that I got the chance to climb outdoors in a new level. But also because I had to share all moments with special people. Mallorca is for sure a magical place on earth.

I believe in our spirit and the enlightenment. And Mallorca is full of good vibes if you also look for an inner adventure.

Enjoy photos from Mallorca and be kind to yourself, always.

With love,







Thanks to La Sportiva Sverige for being such a good partner and friend on the rocks.


Dream team enjoying Mallorca to the fullest.

En entreprenör som klättrar mot nya höjder



Redan i maj började jag klättra utomhus. Då var mitt stora mål att bli instruktör denna säsong och att ta igen all den klättring som jag hade önskat göra året innan. Men som då sattes stopp av en krossad knäskål maj 2017.

Klättring maj 2018 i Narvik.


Det nalkas november och än är min klättersäsong inte slut. Helt otroligt, och samtidigt fantastiskt att jag gjorde allt det här som jag drömde om att göra! Som handlade om att både klättra så mycket och varierat som möjligt men framförallt att bli auktoriserad klätterinstruktör (auktoriserad hjälpinstruktör enligt Svensk norm) som leder till att jag kan arbeta med klättring.

Att hitta nya vänner till aktiviteter, som dessutom innefattar säkerhet och tillit, är inte alltid självklart. Hade jag känt fler vänner som klättrat runtom alperna så hade jag säkert klättrat än mer denna sommar. Men jag är också glad för alla de otaliga springturer som jag i stället fått i bergen.

Just nu är jag tillbaka i Stockholm för ett frilansuppdrag. Jag har kastat mig in i nya reklamproduktioner där jag produktions- och projektleder team i allt från grafiska enheter, kommunikation online till heldagar med arrangerade fotograferingar. Superkul att arbeta tillsammans med nya team och professionella inom reklam och marknadsföring igen. Älskar ju kommunikation minst lika mycket som berg och skidåkning!

I Stockholm har jag senast året lärt känna flera klätterkompisar och just därför blir det mycket träning inomhus i klätterhallarna. Avslutningen på denna klättersäsong blir dock på samma sätt som den startade i maj – utomhus. Mot slutet av november reser jag till Mallorca och jag ser så mycket fram emot att få klättra utomhus med allt jag har med mig i form av övervunna rädslor, styrka fysiskt och mentalt men kanske mest av allt – att få dela nya äventyr i bergen med nyfunna vänner som delar samma passion.


Klättercentret i Sthlm med Jakob och Steffi (som fotar).
Sportklättring inomhus.


Så bra! Boka in min nästa träningsgrupp i Sthlm. Fyra tillfällen mellan 6-15 november. En chans att lysa upp i höstmörkret och förbereda kroppen för den stundande vintern och all skidåkning eller brädåkning. Maila till hej@modigajohanna.se om du vill anmäla en plats. 

Tipsar också om nästa Skiers Breakfast i Sthlm torsdag morgon 15 november. Där du som deltar automatiskt är med i en utlottning av fria hotellnätter och ski pass, sponsrat av Engelberg Tourism. Så himla bra!

Jag hoppas att vi ses. ❤️




Nya drömprojekt i bergen – hemma i Engelberg


Senast veckan har varit fylld av nya kommunikationsuppdrag för olika externa parter. Tack snälla ni som delade och tipsade vidare om mitt inlägg på LinkedIn! Psst. Under november har jag fortfarande ledig tid att fylla med nya uppdrag.

Kommer ni ihåg att jag för två veckor sedan skrev om ett nystartat content-projekt som heter #passionateskier? I dagarna är Maja tillbaka hos mig i Engelberg och vi producerar just nu Episod 2 av serien.

Se första avsnittet här >>

#passionateskier är:

”A project founded from a skiers and instructors true heart and joy for skiing. Non-depending on your level you still can become a Passionate Skier.”

I nästa avsnitt är jag så glad att få lyfta in en aktivitet som vuxit sig starkare hos mig senaste året. Vi har valt att berätta om hur klättring kan vara kopplat till skidåkning.

Vill du prova på att klättra med instruktör eller träffa andra som klättrar? Kul! Då hoppas jag att vi ses torsdag kväll 11 oktober i Sthlm. Boka din plats här. >>


Testar utrustningen för första gången i Engelberg tillsammans med Maja. Foto: Maja Tekla


Oktober i Engelberg. ”In between seasons”.


Vy mot Hahnen.


Vill du nätverka med andra skidåkare i Sthlm? Kom då på nästa Skiers Breakfast torsdag 11 oktober. Läs mer om frukosten här. >>



Blivande hjälpinstruktör klättring



I snart en vecka har jag landat hemma i min lägenhet i Åre. Till och från längtar jag tillbaka till bergen i Engelberg. Samtidigt som det har varit skönt att komma hem-hem till alla sina egna möbler, kläder, utrustning och vännerna förstås.

Att flytta är, för mig, alltid med blandade känslor. Att resa ger mig otroligt mycket inspiration medan en flytt innebär att bygga nya nätverk och djupare relationer. Det tar tid. Då är det skönt att få komma tillbaka och landa i något som jag redan kan. Personer som jag känner mig hemma hos.

Förutom att packa med mig ett nytt lass till Engelberg – vintern kommer ju snart (!) – så gör jag två kurser i klättring som snart snart leder till en första certifiering som instruktör inom klättring.




Helgens kurs i Räddning påminner mycket om en tidigare alpin säkerhetskurs som jag har läst. Det som framförallt skiljer sig är miljö och terräng. När vi praktiserar räddning alpint så rör vi oss på glaciär och när vi arbetar med räddning i klättring så handlar det förstås om att vi är på en klippa eller bergsvägg.

Jag har alltid känt mig mer hemma på snö. Men har velat utmana och växa i berg och längs nya höjder. En av mina största rädslor har varit just höjd. Branta exponerade sluttningar. Ja, har varit… Det här känns så speciellt att skriva.

För bara några dagar sedan så gjorde jag min första multi-pitch utan att vara rädd. Den känslan kan bara beskrivas på ett sätt – frihet! Att inte längre begränsas av stora rädslor gör att vi öppnar upp så otroligt många nya möjligheter utan motstånd.

Imorgon är det dags för två nya dagar med Creating Milestones instruktörer. Och om allt vill gå vägen så är jag alldeles snart certifierad som instruktör inom klättring, Hjälpinstruktör. Det här var ett av mina största mål i sommar. Från tidig vår har jag lagt in en stor effort i att utveckla och lära mig mycket om klättring på klippa och i berg. Nu är jag snart där, i målgången!



För dig som är intresserad av klättring så kommer ett tillfälle att klättra utomhus i Stockholm, med mig som instruktör.

Mer info finns under sidan Klätterinstruktör och via FB-event här>> 

Varmt välkommen!


Räddningskurs Stugun, Jämtlands län. September 2018.