Closing hiking season in my favorite place



This time I will write in English as I know many of my followers don´t speak Swedish. I know that I express myself much better in Swedish and because of that I sometimes feels like it´s a need to type in Swedish. It sort of gets closer to whom I am. 

Right now I´m having a cappuccino at one of my favorite café in Engelberg, Tea Room.

Hm, have you ever had the feeling of a ”work-hangover”? That´s what happens to me when I´ve been focusing on work in a longer period and suddenly gives myself space for reflection. I don´t feel tired at the moment, it´s more like a overwhelming gratitude-feeling. Happy and proud at same time! Today I am giving myself time for a short chill out. So nice!

Foto: Maria Lövf

We (Systrar i bergen) just wrapped up the summer and hiking season in beautiful Engelberg with the second train- and hiking trip from Sweden to Switzerland. I am so proud and grateful making this projects come true in collaboration with Ving Sverige. It has for sure been one of my dream projects as an entrepreneur! I want to rise my team in Systrar i bergen, they are humble leaders, confident women, strong and all passionate about the same thing. Sharing the experience together in the mountains. I´m happy to share this journey with all of them as well as our lovely guests!

Yesterday I was sharing a post at instagram where I expressed my feeling of gratitude to every single guest and attendant that has been part of any organized course or event by Systrar i bergen. From all of my heart, this is my true passion and I am beyond grateful to share my work and inspiration with you. And now… I can´t wait to go all within my heart into the season that I love the most. #winteriscoming

With light and love from Engelberg,


Fürenalp bergrestaurant.


Spannort during fall. Amazing!


Spannort among mountains.


Foto: Maria Lövf
Tillsammans med Sofia Klingborg på vår första vandring med gruppen.


Team Engelberg.
Trail running Trubsee


Happy to include my Inspirational Talk in every trip! #vågadrömmastort

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