Skidinstruktör och topptursguide vinter 2020



Skidsäsongen 19/20 har redan startat i Engelberg uppe på glaciären. Känslan av att vara tillbaka på skidor är så mycket glädje och kärlek. Jag älskar verkligen snötäckta berg och att röra mig bland snöflingor i olika typer av terräng.

Titlis Talstation, Engelberg, October 2019.


Nytt för den här säsongen är att jag äntligen kickar igång mitt mentorprogram som jag har filat på det senaste året. Programmet heter Passionate Skier och är till för dig som känner dig som en #passionateskier. Det handlar inte om antal skiddagar per säsong, hur duktig skidåkare du är eller din utrustning. Det handlar om din vilja, motivation och längtan efter att åka skidor. Mentorprogrammet startar vintern 19/20 med en första grupp som jag coachar med mål att lyfta fler skidåkare till att bli en mer allsidig skidåkare i all typ av terräng och snö.

Den kommande vintersäsongen kommer jag att lägga fullt fokus på att jobba med skidåkning som skidinstruktör, mentor och skidguide. Maila förfrågan om datum till

Här följer några kurser och öppna datum för säsongen 19/20.

Skidinstruktör Engelberg, bokas genom Prime Mountain Sports >>

Topptursguide Årefjällen
Intro toppturskurs Åre
Guidning offpist Åre

Skidinstruktör Engelberg, bokas genom Prime Mountain Sports >>

6-19 APRIL
Topptursguide Årefjällen – Sylarna – Storulvån

1-20 MAJ
Topptursguide Riksgränsen / Narvikfjällen

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Ski premiere. Engelberg October 2019.


Intro toppturskurs Åre december 2018.


Topptur med pannlampor.


Ski-touring work-shop, Engelberg.


Work-shop avalanche and mountain safety.

Are you a #passonateskier?



Since I found back to skiing I always wanted to share my passion and let people understand that they CAN be a #passionateskier even if you ski 1 or 120 days per season. 
5 years later, as a Swedish national Ski instructor and Ski guide, it´s time to release one of my biggest dreams. A new mentor program called #passionateskier. This is a for you who wanna be part of a new community and level-up your skiing because it´s what you love the most, non depending on your level.  
Skiing powder in Engelberg April 2019
This community will takes it form starting season 19/20 with events for an exclusive group of skiers who wants to increase their level of skiing. If you want to apply for the first season – send a e-mail with you level of skiing and a  short presentation.
The full program season 19/20 includes coach sessions with me as a Ski instructor and Skype talks where I analyze your skiing online.
For any question, get in touch with me by e-mail: .
Warmly welcome! ♥️❄️


Photos from press.

Closing hiking season in my favorite place



This time I will write in English as I know many of my followers don´t speak Swedish. I know that I express myself much better in Swedish and because of that I sometimes feels like it´s a need to type in Swedish. It sort of gets closer to whom I am. 

Right now I´m having a cappuccino at one of my favorite café in Engelberg, Tea Room.

Hm, have you ever had the feeling of a ”work-hangover”? That´s what happens to me when I´ve been focusing on work in a longer period and suddenly gives myself space for reflection. I don´t feel tired at the moment, it´s more like a overwhelming gratitude-feeling. Happy and proud at same time! Today I am giving myself time for a short chill out. So nice!

Foto: Maria Lövf

We (Systrar i bergen) just wrapped up the summer and hiking season in beautiful Engelberg with the second train- and hiking trip from Sweden to Switzerland. I am so proud and grateful making this projects come true in collaboration with Ving Sverige. It has for sure been one of my dream projects as an entrepreneur! I want to rise my team in Systrar i bergen, they are humble leaders, confident women, strong and all passionate about the same thing. Sharing the experience together in the mountains. I´m happy to share this journey with all of them as well as our lovely guests!

Yesterday I was sharing a post at instagram where I expressed my feeling of gratitude to every single guest and attendant that has been part of any organized course or event by Systrar i bergen. From all of my heart, this is my true passion and I am beyond grateful to share my work and inspiration with you. And now… I can´t wait to go all within my heart into the season that I love the most. #winteriscoming

With light and love from Engelberg,


Fürenalp bergrestaurant.


Spannort during fall. Amazing!


Spannort among mountains.


Foto: Maria Lövf
Tillsammans med Sofia Klingborg på vår första vandring med gruppen.


Team Engelberg.
Trail running Trubsee


Happy to include my Inspirational Talk in every trip! #vågadrömmastort