Mountain trails from Champoluc



Last week I had the pleasure going back to Champoluc in Italy with a group that wanted to explore new hiking trails and enjoy the beautiful nature close to Champoluc.

This is for sure the perks of being an entrepreneur and hiking guide, to go out with people and share this great experience.

Hiking trails into one of many beautiful valleys.


As always when I organize these kind of trips anyone can join. It´s none depending on your level and we never focus on the achievement. When I go out in the mountains or nature it´s all about finding a connection and having a good time together with likeminded. With that idea I love to share my places around the trails and bring people together.

Let me share a few, of many, photos from our amazing trip.

Once again – thank you for letting me go out with you!

Mountain light,


Hiking trails Champoluc


Decent view from the hotel room.


Flowers makes anyone happy, I think.


Glaciers water flowing like a big river down the mountains.


Orientation, which trail will we explore the next day? 


It´s important to keep the balance between long hikes, high altitude and the relaxation. 😉 


Happy hikers!

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