Titlis Rundtour 1 day in Engelberg



The Titlis Rundtour is a 1-2 days mountain adventure, depending if you would like to stay one night in the bivouac and have more time for ski touring and amazing freeride-turns.

Yesterday I did Titlis Rundtour for the first time with two friends. As I´ve got a lot of question about the tour I will give you a short description of it from my point of view. But most of all, will I share our day by posting photos that Jesper took. This time I totally forgot my phone and camera and just went all-in to our little ski and mountain-adventure in Engelberg.

So nice to just feel the mountains and the energy that surrounded us.

Tobias Granath, a Swedish mountain guide in Engelberg, have actually written a detailed description of the tour in 2015. Which one I red a couple of times before we went. Read more here. >>

”The knife”.


From last part of the the airy ridge to enter the Titlis Rundtour.


07.00 There´s a chance to go early in the morning when you go for the Titlis Rundtour. Just remember to book a seat in the first gondola from Titlis Bottom Station a few days before to make sure you get a place.

Otherwise take the first gondola, Titlis X-press, at 8.30.

The reason why you wanna you go early in the morning is because this is a popular route and you might have to wait for other groups when it´s time for the abseiling-part. Especially in the weekends.

8.30 The tour starts immediately from top Klein Titlis 3062m. At first you ski down Steinberg gletcher and then take left to Hinters Titlisjoch 2695m. From here you put on your crampons and put your skis on the back pack. It´s time to go on a airy ridge. About 5 minutes walk later you´ll reach the first anchor point and it´s time to abseil the first colouir. I found it wisely to use my ice axe here. 

Depending on snow condition you can ski more or less in the corridor, but still, it will be steep skiing.

We brought a 60 meters rope. Which is good, I think. My conclusion was tho that it´s easier if you have the possibility to attach two rope and go for a longer abseil right on start. So next time, I would bring two ropes – if the snow condition would be as it was yesterday.


First corridor.


Jesper abseiling from the entrance of the first corridor.


Abseiling in one of the corridor at Titlis Rundtour.


After abseiling the first part you ski down to the next corridor. You can ski the first part of the second corridor to the anchor point. But from here I would say it´s a good ide to use rope and abseil two times.

After the last repelling you ski all the way down to 2100m, and now it´s time to put on the skins. Almost 700m ski touring is waiting. The first part is steep. Remember to bring you ski crampons in case of icy terrain. When you climbed the first steep 200m of ski touring a longer and less steep, but also a really beautiful ski touring, is waiting ahead round the Titlis-peak.

You´ll go all the way up to Bivak am Grassen 2747m. At this point it´s probably time for lunch break surrounded by the beautify.

Graceful views of the Titlis-peak and mountains beside.


From here you ski down on the North side with most of the time good snow. I was surprise over the wide area of freeride-skiing.

When we reached this amazing field of skiing I felt that I will do the Titlis Rundtour many more times. The route-finding down to Fürenalp-valley is not hard if you are familiar with the area and double check the map. The Fürenalp-valley is one of my favorite to hike in Engelberg. I just love this part of the valley! 

Lower down the valley we had one last traverse over the glacier stream. At that time we had to take of our skis and walk over the stones. The last part in spring conditions was so fascinating and almost like a fairytale. Arriving at the road, walking back to Fürenalp lift station, was a fabulous! Walking away from massive peaks covered in snow, sun was shining everywhere, birds singing and flowers of spring covered the roadsides as we went down the valley.

All of us, happy and exhausted (at least I was) after a long day out in the mountains, we said it totally looked as the most romantic post card.

Namasté mountains, Engelberg, Jesper and Lasse for a new great mountain adventure and experience. I love when magical things happen. Yesterday was a magic day.

With love and light mountain spirit,


Do you wanna do the Titlis Rundtour with me and likeminded? You can still book a 1-2 day with me and a local mountain guide in Engelberg. 


Down the valley to Fürenalp bus station.


Jesper infront of Engelbergtal.


A bit steep skiing from one of the abseil.


Point where you go down the second corridor.


High spirit-team.


Ski touring Titlis Rundtour.


Less snow in the last part of the tour.


Walk over the glacier stream. Nature is rad!


Tack Jesper (för alla bilder) och Lasse för en fin och lång dag tillsammans i bergen!