Magic moments in Schilthorn Piz Gloria



Another 2 days passed by with new impressions from the car-free village Mürren. Most of you might recognize Schilthorn as the place where one of the Bond-movies where shoot. Except of the cool Bond-museum and the setting (at Schilthorn-peak in Bernese Oberland) this is a place for skiers who wants to enjoy amazing views and would like to ski piste or several options of freeride-terrain with easy access from the ski area.

Schilthorn with James Bond 007.

If you go to Mürren you start with train from Interlaken. And as soon as you reached Lauterbrunnen you change to bus and from here, wow, you will go into a valley with high walls from mountains at each side of the road. It almost looks like someone cut thru the mountains and created walls. Facinating. Last part of the trip to Mürren you´ll go by a cabin. Mürren is a small village located on the mountain. You cannot go here with a car…

The ski area feels a little familiar with my home resort, Engelberg. But still different.

The Hotel Alpenruh has it all. Such a genuine hotel and the views from the bed or the desk, where I´m actually writing my post right now, is adorable. Such a great view. Once again.

Hotel Alpenrhu has a great cuisine and the breakfast offers everything you need for a good start in the mountains.


These days out in the mountains and exploring new resorts, hotels, ski areas and meeting locals from the resorts have filled me with so much inspiration to bring new projects to life.

I enjoy every minute during work-trips like these, even if it implies long days mixed with work and fun activities (such as most skiing this time).

For me it´s important to have fun, go all in with my passion and heart and feel a strong belief in everything I do as a entrepreneur. I also think it´s important to try new things, connect to people and to live FREE. Never judge yourself and always follow your dreams, because it´s true, they know the way.


Thank you Mürren for having me! I look forward going back and bringing people here to explore the surroundings.


I´m even more convinced about that I want to bring people out in the mountains, non-depending on their level or wishes for any kind of adventure. I think that when we connect to nature and meet likeminded people surrounded by mountains that never judge us – we all will be part of something great. Together!

If you are interested in going out in the mountains together with me or looking for tailor made programs – please don´t hesitate to contact me straight away or have a look at my outdoor agency Systrar i bergen. 

Warmly welcome to the mountains!


With light,





Meeting Laura from Schilthorn Piz Gloria who was hosting us the first day in this paradise.


Laura and Lasse at the ski area.




My work-office wherever I´ll go. <3


Hiking in Mürren.


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