Work-weekend in Grindelwald and Jungfrau region

Follow a part of my work for future projects in Systrar i bergen AB


During 3 days I will let you be part of a work-trip to Grindelwald, the Jungfrau-region and tomorrow I´ll go to Mürren and Schilthorn. Follow me on insta-stories and be part of the days. >>

The trip began with getting tickets, meeting partners and to set the schedule for the work-trip. As most of my time when I go into projects, I´ll do it with all my heart. That is my receipt to make the best outcome of work and business.

Sunset from the train station in Grindelwald.



I have had an amazing stay in the Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof. Before I tell you more about these two days I just want to send a message to the hotel for treating me so well. I´m a fan of healthy breakfast and this hotel had it all. The rooms are suited for travelers as single, couple to families or groups. Romantik Hotel has a lovely spa where you can spend time whenever you want during the days. I suitable preferred to make a visit after a long days skiing and exploring of the Grindelwald and Jungfrau-region. And dinners won´t make you disappointed. They also have their own marked wine. That´s cool! Of course I had to try it and yes, it was good.

From the train station in Grindewald you will se the Hotel Romantik just across the street.


Staying out long days in the mountains often meen that there´s a lot of work infront of the computer waiting. But, I´m not complaining when spending most of my time in those beautiful places.



I actually been to Grindelwald twice. First time was late fall 2017 and I was only doing a short day-hike (at that time I still couldn’t walk that long because of my knee injury). At that time I just fell immidietlay in love with the surrounding. Wherever I looked there was a spectacular view of BIG mountains. Almost a feeling as if they where guarding me.

The second time I also just made a short stop, this was February 2019, a couple of weeks ago. At that point I climbed my first 4000 m-peak in Switzerland, Mönch 4107 altitude.

Back to these days I finally have had time skiing around the area and to get more familiar with it. One of my favourite-runs is close to the peak Tschuggen. I must say that watching the mountain Eiger while skiing is rad. One day I will be back here and climb that spectacular mountain.

I love to explore places and planning for future events.


Where I find my biggest inspiration to keep up my work as an entrepreneur.


Fun skiing in Grindelwald!


Except of skiing around the area and staying at nice restaurants I made a spontaneous little adventure with Lasse who´s with me today. We got tickets to Jungfraujoch, also called Top of Europe. This is where you will find Europes highest railway upon the mountains. The view from here is totally worth the trip. As I already been here before, when climbing Mönch, I wanted to see more of the glaciers. The conditions where absolutely perfect and I could´t resist to get out there to explore more of the area. Luckily I had brought all my equipment and a extra set for Lasse so we actually did a short ski touring reaching beautiful glaciers and watching the big crevasses and ”seracks” (it might be a Swedish word).

We ended the day with slushy spring-skiing and a well-deserved drink. My fav-one, Italian of course, Aperol spritz.

And now, back at the hotel, checking my e-mail, planning for future events and trips I know what´s next… Grindelwald is for sure a place I want to return to many more times. If you want to go here, please send me a request, privat or group. There´s so much to explore around these mountains!


With love and inspiration,



From winter around the ski are to spring down at the valley.
Charmin´ house in the middle of the slope.


The forecast was as good as the slopes, resort and the whole area – warm and shining!


Preparation for ski touring on one of the most beautiful glaciers at Jungfrau.


Happy entrepreneur and visionary skier!


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