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Yesterday, Tuesday 26th February, I achieved the best balance in life between myself as private person and entrepreneur.

The alarm was set on 05.00 in the morning. Together with Nico (friend and Mountain guide aspirant) I was suppose to do my first 4100 m-peak in Jungfrau-region. The peak is called Mönch. So early this morning I turned of my phone in flight mode and put all focus into our next mountain adventure.

We drove early in the morning from Engelberg to Grindewald and took the train to Jungfrau. It is for sure a expensive train-trip but also probably one of the most spectacular in Switzerland. The Oberland-alpes are just amazing! So many big mountains and massifs.


I used to be frightened of heights and sometimes I still am. But all training within climbing and to chose my mountain-friends wisely makes me feel more and more relaxed. Instead I start to focus on the good things out in the mountains. The great mountain experience, improving my skills when I ski or climb, spending time with likeminded people and to feel and be connected to nature while making these new adventures.

To reach Mönch you start with a easy ski touring, not that long, and thereafter you start climbing with crampons and ice axe. Nico was leading me all the way to the peak. I must say that he´s not only passionate about working with rope in the mountains, he´s also skilled at it! You can really tell when people are passionate about something but also when they are GOOD at it.

I never done this kind of mountaineering and climbing before (except of walking with crampons on glaciers). It helped a lot to understand the technical part of it from all my climbing experience. Soon enough, when you done a lot of climbing such as sport- or even better traditional climbing, you start to realize that you have the greatest tool box to make bigger mountain adventures. That feeling and experience is so cool!

Thank you Nico for bringing me to a new adventure! I look forward to many more.

If you´re looking for a Mountain guide (aspirant) in Engelberg or Andermatt please have a look at Nicos site here. 

Nico Forrer, at the ridge from peak Mönch 4107 m.



Always when I go out in the mountains I turn off the phone. For me it´s important to pay attention to what I do in the mountains, not only because of the mountain safety but also because of the experience.

As an entrepreneur you work most likely everyday. Some days are loooonger and some days a bit shorter. Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle, not a 9-17 work.

Last months I have been working with a new collaboration for Systrar i bergen AB where I want to bring more out of our outdoor and mountain-philosofy to the world. My vision is to create an outdoor agency, and not a travel operator, as many sometimes believe. Therefore I am beyond happy to start at partnership together with one of Scandinavias biggest travel operator, Ving Sverige, during summer time.

In June we´re doing the first hiking-trip together to Mallorca. Where Systrar i bergen guiding all the hikings and taking care of the guests during their stay at one of Vings most good rated hotel in Alcudia.

And yesterday, we together finally announced a even bigger project. Together we will make the very first train-trip to the alpes in Switzerland and are now welcoming you to be part of a hiking-trip in beautiful Davos.

Read more here >>

Hiking trail at Jakobshorn, Davos, July 2018.

I think this is the first day since 4 years, when I started Systrar i bergen AB, that I manage to balance my wish in private life and at the same time achieve a big step in my role as a female entrepreneur.

Warmly welcome to experience the mountains with me and Systrar i bergen!

With mountain love and light from Engelberg,



Mountain Sisterhood.


Mountain soul, Engelberg.






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