Combining your passion with education?



Combining passion with educaion, is that even possible? Yes, if you ask Sofia Lewerin, student at Whistler Adventure School (WAS).

But first, you might remember I wrote a post about meeting Zuzana from WAS previous this spring in Engelberg.  And as you already know I have a background from over 10 years working with branding, media production and story telling. A few years ago I decided to change path. Then I started my first business where I wanted to keep working with my profession as a marketer and combine it with my passion for skiing and mountains. An outdoor agency from a female perspective took form, called Systrar i bergen.

If I would known about the WAS earlier I probably would have applied for that program, especially that one where you study to become a marketing manager. Just think about it, having a class room surrounded by this beautiful nature (if you´re into that). Wow!

Photos are borrowed from Sofia Lewerin.

Whistler Adventure School


I got curious and had to ask a few questions to Sofia. If you´re thinking of applying to a education with marketing and also are fascinating about the outdoors – please go ahead and read why Sofia chose WAS.




Sofie, tell me, why did you apply to WAS?

A friend of mine where studying at their Ski guide program, so I heard of the Media and Marketing-Program that way. It seemed to be very interesting. My hobby was already about producing film and photo but I wanted to learn more about the details. When WAS got proved by CSN I found my choice easy going to Whistler!

What is a typical day at Whistler Adventure School? 

At the moment I’m taken a course in Photography / Editing. Two days a week we have evening classes with teachers. They teach us everything you wanna know, for example how to get the best picture and how to start a business as a photographer. One day a week we are out having a well planned photoshoot all day long.  For example we went to Squamish (30 minutes from Whistler) and headed for the morning and kite surfing. Our morning walk to the lake was so special to photograph. That scenery and nature. Amazing experience!

Your top 3-why to study at WAS?

  • There are small classes. Our teacher has adapted the program according to what we want to learn and we get a lot of help to improve our ability!


  • You get a student visa + CSN! That makes it all easier to invest in the studies. The Media and Marketing program is a full time program but you still get a lot of time to extra work, having fun in Whistler and go riding a bike or skiing for example. 


  • This place – Whistler! If you, as me, searching for an education with Media and Marketing focused in adventure, action sports and nature then Whistler is the prefect place to be.  Even if you study any other program at WAS you will for sure get a good network that will bring your future job.



—> Follow Sofia and get inspired! And don´t hesitate to text her if you´re thinking about Whistler Adventure School.  

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Foto: Sofia Lewerin


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